How to pass data from test case

I have a project with about 50 test cases.
The project tests various processes of a shopping site.
Each test case consists of several generic work flows.
At the end of each test case, in the ‘Than’ part, there is a verification through which I pass to excel parameters of the test name, order number and also whether it failed or passed normally.

The thing is that failures can occur in any part (work flow) of the test. I want to understand how I can transfer the failure if the test fails in these parts and not in the last part that is in ‘Than’
Hope I explained well enough what I need. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Hi @mironb ,

As u are using the BDD test case template , the scenario exists of then and u validtae all the results at the end .

U can write the assertions at any point of ur test case and make sure if assertion is failed , stop continue to go to next step . as u export the results to test manager u can verify at which instance the test case got failed .


Yes, I thought about it, but it requires me to insert these tests (assertion) in many places in the test and it will slow down the tests. I thought maybe using try catch but then it will continue to the next WF. Is there a way to break and go to the ‘Than’ part with parameters I found in the problematic part?


Hi ,

For gathering test evidenses in form of screenshots its suggested to go with writing in the flow its self rather than coming to then section .

So do you recommend inserting an assertion almost everywhere?

Not everywhere ,

Based on assertions u need keep that in place

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Sorry its not a good solution
I have some workflows and if for example the first 1 failed
I need to output message to the “Then” part to write to the excel and all the test case is stopped that way