How to pass data from one workflow to other

How to pass data from one work flow to other and get back the data ?

For e.g. Assume I have two workflow- Workflow 1 and workflow 2

From workflow 1- I am passing emp_id to workflow 2.
From workflow 2 - I need to get the name corresponding to emp_id and the control of the workflow should be passed back to workflow 1. since I need to check for other employees .

Does anyone have idea to achieve this ?

I have an option of doing this is create a main workflow.
Call workflow 1 and Workflow 2 from the main workflow.
Call them using the invoke workflow file activity.

In that there are options to use arguments with direction as in/out.

invoke workflow file activity: is just like calling functions in programming language


Use type of argument as IN/OUT.

Thanks for the reply…

I will try this

Thanks for the reply

I will try this