How to pass a XML request into a SOAP service loaded through Uipath Library

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I’m not able to pass the XML value into the Request for the SOAP web service. Can someone please help!

I don’t you are doing the request correctly. We have the predefined activities to call a SOAP request directly instead of reading the xml from text file and sending AJAX.

Install UiPath.Web.Activities and then you will have aactivity SOAP request. There pass the wsdl URL, you will have all the methods and then call the required method passing the parameters.

That is as per my understanding with the thing you are doing, can you explain what are you trying to do?


Thanks for the reply. I’ve explained clearly the steps I followed.

Opened Uipath → Created Library → Added new service → Copied my WSDL → Got loaded with the API methods → Drag and dropped my API method into a “Sequence” → Trying to pass “XML” request to it and got struck.

Any idea on “How to pass XML data into a custom variable type?”

Try this steps @naveenchvm,

  1. Navigate to manage packages and install UiPath.Web.activities

  2. You will have soap request activity as

  3. Drag it to the workflow

  4. Give your wsdl there

You will get all the methods and packages available as

  1. Select the required contract and method there
  2. If you want to change the inputs at any time, you can change in the properties pane

This is what we do with SOAP wsdl’s.

I don’t understand what is process shipment there? is it a predefined or your own library?


This type of SOAP request is not working. So, I’ve created a Library and loaded the “Wsdl” file as a “New Service”. All, I’m trying to do is to pass the XML request into the SOAP web service to capture a response. But, due to the custom variable type it is not allowing me to pass the XML request.

Can you send the entire workflow zipping the project.json file in it @naveenchvm

Have you been able to solve this issue?

In order to send the XML maybe you should use the http request, i don’t think you can send the XML trought the library.

Urgent request: I am also facing the same issue while I am trying to pass an XML parameter into a SOAP request. Please let me know if you have any other solution.

I also facing the same issue when I loaded the SOAP service to the Uipath Library and call the method. If you have any solution, please also let me know.