How to overcame this error

In Add Data Row Activity Adding Array row

Hi @saileela

In addition Data Row give the below way:


I think TotalDue will be of DataType System.Int32. So, add .ToString to Total Due will solve the error.



If you you have integer variables then use .ToString

In your case TotalDue.ToString

I think this should also work:

new Object() {var1, var2}
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If you’re encountering an error related to building a data table where the column datatype is specified as a string but an array row is given as the value, it suggests a data type mismatch. To resolve this issue, you need to ensure that the data you’re providing matches the expected data types for the columns in your data table.

Here’s a general approach to address this issue:

  1. Check Column Data Types: Verify the data types you’ve specified for each column in your data table. If you’ve set a column to expect string values, ensure that the data you’re providing for that column is indeed a string.
  2. Check Row Data: Examine the data you’re attempting to insert into the data table. Make sure that each element of the array row corresponds to the expected data type for its respective column.
  3. Convert Data Types if Necessary: If the data types don’t match, you may need to convert the data to the appropriate type before inserting it into the data table. For example, if you’re providing an array row where a column expects a string but you have an array, you may need to convert the array to a string before insertion.
  4. Handle Errors: Implement error handling mechanisms to catch and handle any data type mismatches gracefully. This could involve validating the data before insertion or handling exceptions that arise during the data insertion process.
  5. Debugging: Use debugging tools or print statements to inspect the data at various stages of your code to identify where the data type mismatch occurs and troubleshoot accordingly.