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i am using http activity to extract data from a web service . then i have used deserialize json array activity . after that i need to export the entire data in data table . there i have used build data table activity with 4 columns then i have used add data row activity where my workflow is throwing error : Object reference not set to instance of an object in add data row activity . Please help me out with this. where am i missing?

When u are using add data row maybe data is not available in that row which you trying to add?
check all data in message box before adding data row

Hi @Ankita121 r u using arrayrow or datarow in add datarow activity?

@Ankita121, Just initialize data table before using it.

e.g. Use Assign Activity with dt = new DataTavle()


Object reference error will occur when there is null data or incorrect type of passing values, so better to check the data is correct


i am using arrayrow

ok i will check with this one

i am using add data row activity inside for each loop. When i am reading dat in msg box using item.ToString is giving me the result.
Basically i need to extract the entire result in data row one by one. how can i do that?

what exactly data present in that Item?
as we know for add data row u need data row or array?
so check whether that data which u r passing in data row is of datatype- data row

i have passed data through arrayrow property in add data row activity @ImPratham45

Then check the array has all values present inside by using message box before add data row

yes it has. I have checked with the message box activity .

can you share your workflow?

this is solved now. Thank you everyone for your help@ImPratham45 , @ksrinu070184, @Bhavik_Solanki, @Tushar_Karkera.

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Hi Ankita, please check this demo may help you: