How to Orchestrator Integration Service With Outlook?

Can Any one help me with orchestrator Integration Service With Outlook.


Let us know what kind of integration and what you want to do with that ?

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Thanks @sarathi125 , I am looking for Orchestrator Integration Service with outlook. So that i can trigger the bot from there. For example Whenever i received a mail with specific data bot should be triggered.

@Rohan_Goswami1 ,

Check on this 5 Unique ways to trigger your UiPath Bots. | by Ishmeet Bindra | Medium

Thanks, But I have already gone through that. The Present scenario requires the use of Integration Services.

Hi @Rohan_Goswami1 ,

Have you enabled the integration service in the orchestrator and linked your account in the connector?


yes, I have done. All i need to know how to use it with outlook connection.

Then, set the connection by navigating to Integration Service → Connectors → Microsoft Outlook 365 and add your connection.

And also, install the package in your studio UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities and build your flow.

I was struggling with the same thing and found out that the processes will only be listed if it is published to any folder other than default.