How to optimize the time while writing the data into Excel

I have tried writing the values using write cell activity inside the Excel application scope, but its taking longer time.
I found the approach by using the Add Data row activity and in the last of the process append all the data into Excel file.

I have been using the variables as an input values.
I have been facing issues while writing the values for “col3”, as all the values are being stored inside for each loop, and are being easily captured as there is an single rows of data for each Transaction, but for col3 there is another for each loop where multiple rows of data are being stored.

Sample Output data


Hi @mayankjha986 ,

To me seems like that you are doing well, always is better read the excel, store in a Datatable …do whatever you need in the datatable and then at the end of the process …write in the excel.


Use minimum number of for loops.
If possible use a single loop for writing the data in the datatable.

Hi @mayankjha986,

You can use LinQ query to fasten your process instead of Loops.