How to open the window present in taskbar

I want to open an application which is minimized and present in the task bar after entering credentials and loaded in internet explorer browser. the application is taking so much time for loading. while executing robot is being crashing for opening the minmised application can anyone please help me out with this issue

How about “Active” activity or get activate window.
like this.


As @ddpadil rightly mentioned above you just need to use the Activate activity and indicate the same application which you want to be on foreground when open and minimized.



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Hi @anusha,
This issue comes under Activation of Windows during execution.

  1. Attach the Window (Use proper concrete selectors)
  2. Activate the Window
  3. If possible, Click on some stable image or element (if possible) after activating.

Try the above and let me know.


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Hi Jiban jyothi,
i did not get the second point properly. i have used the proper selector .now i tried with activate acitivity and its working fine.

In 2nd point i told to use the Activate Window activity just to activate that.

Hi Jibanjyoti,
Your solution is helpful for me.