How to open java jar files in UIPath

I want to open java jar file in UIPath through open activity or any other different method.

Currently when I try to open .jar file through open application activity it gives me selector not found error.

Your feedback are much appreciated.

Screenshot_2 (14.1 KB)

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Hi @Khizer_Najeeb,

Please try the double click activity to open the file.


Hi @hacky_wacky.
Thanks for your reply.
Double click don’t work if I add more files on the same directory or change the application position. It’s only captures the window position.

See the below images for better understanding:

Is there any proper solution to handle this?

you can use Start process from activities and give location of your jar file.
It will definitely populate that executable jar file.

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Thanks @Sandeep_Uriti, this solved my problem.