Running software using UiPath

Hello, I am running a software using UiPath. To run the software, I have to keep a jar file inside the project folder. Otherwise the software does not work. However it is carrying almost 40mb size. That’s why, I don’t want to keep the jar file inside the folder.

Can anyone tell me an alternative to this? Please?

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Hi @sadiaafrin

What happens if you keep the jar file in a separate folder and give the full file path to the jar file?

Does it give any error?

Maybe you can move the file before starting the application by the robot via move file activity from a root folder to the destination folder

Are you using relative path?

The application does not start

No I’m not

If we leave UiPath aside for now, and if you try to run the jar file manually, does it run when it is in a different folder? Or is it the same scenario?

Yes the scenario is same. The size of my project increases to almost 60mb. Could you please tell me what problem I may face with this size?

What’s that?

can you show the path which you are using?