How to open Excel from path & file name

I want to open the Excel file from path and file name which i get in message box.
attached is the code which i generated for this but stuck in between.
please advise.for each for excel.7z (20.9 KB)


Try by putting the expression like below

"C:\MRP_Project\MRP_InputFiles" + filename.toString

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& is not used for concatenation, use + and try


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In addition to @kuppu_samy you must add extension at the end of the file name if filename doesn’t have extension.

"C:\MRP_Project\MRP_InputFiles" + filename.ToString + ".xlsx"

Karthik Byggari

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Hey Karthik thnx for reply.
i tried as per you advice it works but it’s open all the files from this folder.
from the below screen shot i want to open first workbook and work on that then move that into another folder then work with second workbook like this i need to open one by one and keep that open till i work.


You need something to pause the For Each Iteration then.
A simple solution would be to add a message box after the Excel Application Scope and only confirm that message box after you are done with your file.
Then the next file in the For Each loop will be processed.

Why do you need to manually work in that excel file though? Can’t you automate that? :smile:

Cheers, Lukas

Hello Lukas,

I will work with Excel file to fetch the data only and update into our ERP system.



Check this xaml, it may help you.
ProcessExcelByExcel.xaml (8.4 KB)