Excel attachment ,open the excel,delete the files from the folder

Hi guys,

I tried to build the workflow.

  1. Download the excel attachment from the mail and store it in the folder.
    2-then without using the excel name I am trying to open the excel from the folder and take the mail id from the excel file and send some message to them.
  2. Last step is to delete the files from the folder.

please check the error message and workflow . Please help to fix this one.

Thanks, Shan

BOT 3.xaml (14.0 KB)

Hy @Vijayakumar_Arumugam,

In the Read Range Activity you used a special caracater in the sheet name, *, something that it is not allowed in excel.

Could you please recheck the sheet name and try it again?

Please let me know if you encounter any more mistakes.


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@William_Blech_Sister thank you so much.

There was an error with path .Now everything is fine

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I need to include the text for the mail .Please check the error
This is formul i wrote to get the value

MAIL body is this one :
Hi {0},
You have been asked to write assessments for your colleague Please take some time and do so by {1}. You can find the special link to the review form

Could you please help with this issue


Hy @Vijayakumar_Arumugam,

It appears you are very close. Could you please share your entire project file with me so I can take a look?


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HI @William_Blech_Sister

here is flow and excel file for and text file

BOT 3.xaml (14.6 KB) 360.docx (77.5 KB) image

Hy @Vijayakumar_Arumugam,

You are very very close to finish your workflow!

Change the text input from docx file to txt and it will work

Please check my workflow.

EmailExcelAttachment.zip (93.3 KB)

Let me know if it worked!


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Hi @William_Blech_Sister

Thank you so much its working .

I have another question for the same process.

I am trying to include the review name in the body mail and the this reviwee name will be one in excel file,

could you please let me know know how to write the equation for this one

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Hy @Vijayakumar_Arumugam,

Very glad I could help you!

Is the review name just one? if so you can put it in an Text file and read it, like you did with the email body

You would ask you to like my post and mark it as solution.

If you have any more questions please let me know

Thank you!

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Hi @William_Blech_Sister

Thanks for the answer.

yes ,its only one cell for the review name.

My output name for this review is name.


Could you please check the my equation is correct or not.


Hy @Vijayakumar_Arumugam,

If it is only one Excel cell you can use the ‘Read Cell’ Activity instead of the ‘Read Range’ Activity, you are almost done :slight_smile:



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