How to not get an exponential value from my queue item


So I imported some data from my database to the uipath queue items. One of the columns I imported is a Integer datatype. See queue item:

When I use this in my script and convert it to a string I get an exponantial value:
Log message:

how can I prevent this? This Key should always be the same

Hi @jreintjes ,

Maybe we can keep the _Key argument as a String Datatype, while adding the Items to the Queue.

Then Check if the Data while retrieving is in the same format or in it’s Exponential Form.

Or we could convert the Exponential form using the below Expression :

Int64.Parse("1.90702202209532E+15",System.Globalization.NumberStyles.Float ,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)

The Resultant of this is a Int64 type value

When calling ToString(), you can specify the numeric string format. You need to type cast the object to a numeric type first though.

Decimal format:
CType(out_Transactiontem.SpecificContent("_Key"), Int64).ToString("d")

Exponential (scientific) format:
CType(out_Transactiontem.SpecificContent("_Key"), Int64).ToString("e")