Convert value (read from a csv) from exponential to actual


I am trying to read a value from a field in a csv and use a type into activity in a webpage for that specific field. The webpage field is a phone number so numeric only.

Sometimes, the input in the csv comes as an exponential. Example, if value is “447734538789”, the value inputs as “4.47735E+11”, and hence UiPath enters the value as 4.47735E+11 in the webpage, which causes an error.

Is there any way to convert this to integer ? Currently I have tried assigning to a string variable from the data table row but it gets stored by default as 4.47735E+11.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Decimal.Parse(varialbeName, System.Globalization.NumberStyles.Float).ToString this is used for converting the exponential value to required format.
Note : variableName is the field name for which you are trying to convert

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