Hold Shift key while performing next activity on web based(chrome) application

Hello There,
I have a situation where i need to select first row of the chrome web page and hold shift key and then scroll down and select the last row. When i perform this activity system selects 1st to last row. However when i create the same on Uipath it does not select all the row.

I have used Key modifiers, type into %[d(shift) & %[u(shift)], send hot key shift etc…
None works or selects all the row.

Please help.





You can do one thing
in the first send hot key give Lctrl + Space (to give space you just need to give " " space in the type panel) with selector of 1st row

then use onemore send hot key there you have to give Lctr+ LShift+Space with selector of last row

This will work.

If please provide a screen shot of the page where you are trying to select the rows

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Hey @delsd012 actually i have tried the solution Mr @muhamed_fasil have given It works perfectly for me.

Please try this…


Sreejith S S


Thanks a lot @muhamed_fasil solution did work :slight_smile:
I have another question , after the above i need system to click next page and perform the same activity. I have 1000 pages and hence i have added for each activity. However not sure what variable type to use for “For Each Item”.
Please help!!


Great to see that works , Please provide solution so as others also be able to find the answer at times ,

And You can use a while loop , and use a element exist activity , loop will work till the element exist,

in element exist you need to check for the next page button exist or not

Done! Solution marked :slight_smile:
While loop is added however without for each how will bot perform the same activity repeatedly for each next page ?
When I execute the BOT it doesnt work … with below…

You can do the structure like this

Give a click on next page if element exist is true

What should be the Argument or variable type for elementExist ?

Comment filed is just free form text ?

Sorry but i still cant understand the flow…

Should it be …
Do while
Comment - ??
Element exist (Variable?)
If condition
MY code (where will the current code go ? )

The datatype will be boolean for element exist activity output

You have to paste your current code in the place of that comment given

Still doesn’t work :frowning:
BOT performs the action once but does not repeat the activity after clicking next page … any other alternative?

Can you please show your screen shot?

Sorry for privacy reasons i had to blur code… Please check

Can you please ensure that the selector is correct or not? , you can create a test workflow and run only that click action , so that we can check whether that click is able to find the selector or not also try changing the click type if not able to perform the click

Yes i have checked and selector is correct. Below is the snapshot.

Issue is not with next page click, that’s working.

My flow is as below-

  1. select first to last row of page 1
  2. Right click and select delete
  3. Click Next page
  4. Repeat step 1 & 2
  5. Click Next page again and repeat same until i reach last page.

The repeat action is not working !!

Do you have any solution ?

Did you tried highlighting the element??

Yes i did!

@delsd012 ,
then it should work. Can you try with enabling simulate click or Send window messages?

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