How to move queue content from one queue to another

Hi All,

I want to export all queue item from one queue(UAT orchestrator) and upload the same data into new queue(Dev orchestrator).

i tried with export option from uat queue . csv is generated but not able to upload same .csv file into dev.
postponed date(4/27/2022 2:30:00 PM) is present in the queue.

if i remove error entries it give error below

can anyone help in this


It won’t work like this.
The csv required here is the actual input data and not the queue data

Thanks for response @kumar.varun2
How can i achieve this scenario .
Any approach to create new queue just similar(queue item status and all other fileds) to the old queue.

any approach to create new queue just similar to old queue

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Hi, any approach for this requirement to replicate all the item to new queue!

After exporting locally your Queue items from a queue into a CSV file, you should manipulate it and extract the Columns and Values from the Specific Data JSON value.

Example of extracted queue items that have Specific Content:


Example of manipulated queue items CSV file that will work to be reimported in the same queue or in a new queue:

Results of re-uploading the queue items in a queue:


Reference: Bulk uploading queue items using a CSV file

Let us know if this helped.