Add Queue items via CSV file


I am trying to upload some queue items to a new queue using the Orchestrator UI.

I am downloading the queue items from an existing queue, using the Export function. This generates a CSV file (Queue For Trigger-items.csv).
Afterwards I am going to the destination queue, and choosing Upload Items. I add the file generated at the previous step and when pressing the Upload button, I get the following error:

This happens both on Cloud and On-Premise.

Am I missing something?

Hi @andrei.lazar

It Showing Error as that the Some parameter has the value nothing!

Please refer the thread below!


Hello @pravin_calvin,

First off, thank you for your answer!
Unfortunately, the forum post reference does not help me…

While I understand that the error complains about something missing, I’d like to know what… I am getting the CSV file directly from Orchestrator, and I’m trying to upload it back.
I am not changing anything in it, not even opening it at all. So… if something’s missing it’s missing when the file got generated.
I’d like to know what that is, so that I can fill in the information and upload the queue items successfully.

Kind regards,

Hi @andrei.lazar,

Can you show screenshot of that csv file and also verify what all columns does it contain?

Also can you verify if format is as defined under below link for csv?


Hello Sonali,

Here it is:

The reason why the Specific Data is empty is because my queue items are empty. I was using them to test the Queue Trigger functionality. However, this same issue appears when I try to move queue items which are not empty.

This is the queue from where I downloaded the file, using the Export functionality:

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Following up on the topic.
It seems that this functionality is not officially supported. The CSV that we get with the Export function needs to be modified before it can be uploaded via the “Upload Items” functionality.
The CSV coming via the Export function needs to be adapted to follow the rules from the article that @sonaliaggarwal47 mentioned. :slight_smile:
Aside from this, the state of the items that are gonna be added via the “Upload Items” function will be “New” not whatever it was when they were downloaded.

Thanks for the help, everyone!
All the best,


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