How to move excel file from the same source location to their respective destination

Hi All,

I am stuck here while trying to move file from source location (same folder) to their respective destination(different folder) as stated in the excel file and to create month and date folder which based on the move date.

D:\MyData\RPA Initiative\folder 2001\October 2020\22\File
D:\MyData\RPA Initiative\folder 2002\October 2020\22\File

Please help. Thanks in advance !!!

Move File.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Hi @mokhzzani-m.isa

Did u use move file activity ?

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Yes. I’m not sure how to proceed with the destination path because need to refer from excel.

Hi I didn’t understand ur query well @mokhzzani-m.isa

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Let me give the breakdown for clarification.

  1. Download report and save in Source Folder
  2. I want to move the file in source to destination folder by refer to the file name and copy destination in excel

Now I wanted to perform item number 2 where I have list of the file name and destination in excel.
When I download the report and the file name match against name in excel, Then I want Uipath automatically move to the destination in excel.

Hope clarifies. @NIVED_NAMBIAR