how to move some excel files into another folder?


You can use Move File activity and provide source destination folder path along with Filename and destination folder name to move the file.

Use Move File activity.
From: Give File path name here (ex. D:\NewFolder\new.xlsx)
To: Give Folder path example (ex. D:\SomeFolder)

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if you have a folder with your files to move then use the for each file in folder, then put inside a move file activity, in the from propertie put currentFile.Fullname in to propertie the path you want to move the file.


there are 200 files of excel and i want only 40 files of to do it?


Is there any unique identifier to find out 40 files out of 200 files ?

SampleMoveExcel.xaml (8.0 KB)
Hello @guptasweb

Use For Each File in Folder activity.

Mention your input folder into this activity.

Add Message Box to check for each file with Yes and No options.

Put if condition and move file activity into it. Here mention your desired folder.

Hope this helps out for you. Find the sample attachment if you are still facing any issues.

means??i m not getting it wht r u saying…

As you want only 40 files out of 200 to be moved
We would like to know how you will find those 40 files to be moved
Is there any specific name format for those 40 specific files

Cheers @guptasweb

no there is no specific names or numbers…they are random names and numbers

So can you tell us how you will find identify those 40 files

he told me that he mailed me some files and it moved in some other folder,some of their names are how to do it


Whenever we need to do a automation input standardisation has to be done

Considering that if you want to move some set of files out of a group then those files must have a unique name format
then bot can easily identify those files and move them to a folder you need

So check with your subject matter expert whether the input files can be sent with specific file name format

Then it’s easy to move them as required

Cheers @guptasweb

ok…thnx for your help


Is there any further queries on this topic

Cheers @guptasweb

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