How to modify xaml file and create the nupkg without UIPath Studio

Hello all and thanks in advance,

I have a Project with a variable which is set based on the Users. I have made a script in which based on the user list, it modify the original XAML and créate a new one changing this variable. What I don´t know if its possible to create the nupkg for each XAML project (each XAML have all the Project files) without UI Studio.

Can you please Help me? Uipath is mandatory to create the nupkg?


you have to have something to package it, that dosn’t have to be studio, it also could be a cli tool like nuget

Hi @Ruben_Diaz,

By using NuGet Package Explorer also we can create NuGet Packages.


some requirements maybe still unclear, but give check on following options.

  • refactor the variable into a configuration file
  • check the option if the variable value assignment can be done on runtime
    ** e.g. input argument on main xaml
    ** lookup list using executing user information
  • Post editing the packagage with:

Just to name some options

Also have a look on this:

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