Commandline building of NuGet Pacakage

Hi Team,
Is there any option to package xaml file via command prompt? Please help.

Yes Amit :slight_smile:

uirobot.exe /f:“xaml path”
nuget.exe pack “nuspec file path”

but I guess you know it already by now.

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`Thanks Taimoor. Yes we have been jointly working on this.

I’m also trying to do this, for build automation. I am provided only a “project.json” file and a “Main.xaml” file. What is the process, using CLI commands only, to create a .nupkg file? If I follow your steps, it seems to run the project, but I do not see a .nupkg file being created. Thanks for your help!

Please refer to nuget.exe pack option. You would need UiPath project files, json and s nuspec file before you can run nuget.exe to package it.

Please disconnect the studio robot from orchestrator and publish to get the nuget package created by the studio. You can then make sure the folder Path is followed in your custom build pipeline. Hope it helps.

I am attempting to completely build the nuget package via commandline, when all I have is the project.json and Main.xaml. So it appears I need to also create the nuspec file, so how is that done via commandline? Currently Orchestrator is able to build with just those two files, but I don’t see a way to use orchestrator via commandline to do the build.

As I mentioned in my previous reply

“Please disconnect the studio robot from orchestrator and publish the project to get the nuget package created by the studio”

This nuget package will have a nuspec file which you would need to put on the root of your project.

I understand how to use the GUI to publish the project, but I have not found CLI commands to do so. I need to go from those two files (project.json and Main.xaml) to nuget package without ever using a GUI. Sorry if there are documents online that explain how this is done, but I only have been able to create a nuget package using the Orchestrator GUI – this needs to all be CLI.

I have gone through what you are trying to do in Jul/Aug of last year and there is no CLI exposed to build it as such. You can still run the project using uirobot.exe but you won’t be achieving anything.

We create the nuspec file (one off task) whenever we kick off a new project and after that everything is done within out build pipeline (teamcity, nuget server, octopus) to build, package, publish and deploy to orchestrator.

I did try doing what you are planning to do but left it as I couldn’t justify any benefits.

Thanks for your reply. Excuse my ignorance, but does that mean creating the nuspec is a manual process that needs to be completed in oder to allow nuget to build the package? Or is it possible to create the nuspec as part of another automated process? Thanks!

nuspec is created by the studio when a package is published. You can extract a published nuget package and copy the nuspec file. This process can be manual using the UI or you can run uirobot.exe to generate the nuget package and then programmatically extract the file and check into source control. Hope it helps.


I have followed the same steps what you have given but i am unable to create package please help me out

We are also trying to publish uipath projects via Command line.
how can we create nuspec file ?
Can you provide the steps with details , any reference links.

Thanks in advance