How to merge two pdf files? getting below mentioned error after using Merge Pdf Files Activity


Please help me with this issue.

It looks like your pdf sharp package is outdated.

According to stack overflow here any version after 1.50 beta 3 should work for you. You can find the latest version at here.

@DanielMitchell, thank you for your quick response.

We can also install PdfSharp package, and the activity Merge PD Fs. This activity will be usefull to merge the PDF’s.Merge%20PDF

How do I get the activity? I installed the PdfSharp package but I didn’t get any new activities.

Try restarting Studio. I have installed UiPath.PDF.Activities and PdfSharp Activities and my activities are shown below. If all you need to do is combine PDFs the UiPath 2.0.0 pdf activities has the Join PDF Files activity that can do that.

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