Merge two PDF pages into one page

How to merge two PDF pages into one PDF page after downloading

hi @hairsh,
Use the following activity to merge two pdf pages.


Hi Naveen,

Following Error is getting while adding two pdf Files on merge PDFs :

Merge PD fs: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\hakula\Downloads\STRI_MD140221.pdf’.
InvokeWorkflowFile: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\hakula\Downloads\STRI_MD140221.pdf’.

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Check ur path where the pdfs are present?
is that that correct folder.

Yeah it is correct.

I was saving one file(PDF) by giving name as xyz+“1” and other file(PDF) with the name as xyz+“2” in to a specific folder.
After that, I took an array and assign image_Split(0) = xyz +“1” and image_Split(1) = XYZ +“2”

In merge PDFs activity, In file path array property = image_Split and mergedfilepath folder = Destination path

Hi @hairsh,
the merge pdf activities excepts 2 properties
1)FilePathArray - {“C:\Users\hakula\Downloads\STRI_MD140221.pdf”,“C:\Users\hakula\Downloads\STRI_MD1402211.pdf”}
2)MergedFilePath - “C:\Users\hakula\Downloads\final.pdf”


It’s working fine