Pdf merge problem

Iam facing issue while merge the pdf using join pdf files activity… Can u please tell me the approach how to handle this error

Hi @Nikhil_Katta

  1. Assign Activity:

    • To: pdfFilePaths (List)
    • Value: New List(Of String) From {“path\to\file1.pdf”, “path\to\file2.pdf”, …}
  2. Join PDF Files:

    • Join PDF Files: Files = pdfFilePaths, Output = “path\to\output\merged.pdf”

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Nikhil_Katta ,

Could you let us know some more details of the implementation done ?

could you Please check ,the files which you are trying to merge are existing or not.
for that press windows button+R and paste the path
by this you will get to know whether the files are existing or not

Hi @Nikhil_Katta ,

  1. check your input, it must be a list file, check correct file path
    2.check your output file, correct file path


Or your pdf files are stored in one folder give


These two are input files

This is the output file

@Nikhil_Katta ,
input must be array of String
if your list file input in a folder you can try
test.xaml (10.0 KB)

if they in other folder, you can add String file path to array

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