How to merge rows from one datatable

hello. I have a question while using datatable.
As in the first image, we try to find a row with the same size and product no (the number of rows is unknown) and put a value in the blank space based on the first row.
Empty columns can change every time and are not fixed.

How can I combine them like the second image?
(One data table.)

Thank you!

Read Range to data table Dt1 and copy data table to Dt2.
Remove qty, AA, BB, CC column from DT1
Remove CC, DD, EE, FF column from DT2
Join Datatable with common column Product no

Thank you for answer. But I don’t know which column might be empty.
So it’s not easy to remove fields that are empty :frowning:

have a look here:

Cross Reference:

You can check the workflow I made. I tried to explain the steps in workflow.

I used for each loop(column) in for each datarow loop to reach all the cell. I filtered the table by size and product no. Then select the row that is not empty and set it to the current cell. After loops over, remove the duplicate lines.

MergeRows.7z (108.2 KB)

Thank you !!!

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