How to record the titles of all tabs in the browser?

Hi, Please help me find solution, as " attach browser " is no longer available in the new version of uipath

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Are you using Modern or Classic activities ?

Hi @Mystical_Devices ,

Try Enabling Show Classic Filter Option from the Activities Panel :

You Should be able to get the Attach Browser Activity


You can use the new Activity “Use Application/Browser” to do the same in the modern activities.

Hey @Mystical_Devices

Do you want to attach to a browser or get the title of tabs ?


so basically, when i press a button on the exisitng url, it creates a new tab,
and then i want to do click activity on the new tab, but it automatically bounces back to the original tab,

how to fix this?

The " Attach Browser Activity " is the feature of the classic uipath
how can i implement this feature in new verison of uipath?

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When you are modern type of activities you won’t be able to find attach browser

There are two options

If you want classic activities also along with modern one then in activity panel right click that filter button and enable show classic
And then search for attach browser activity
It will come


If you want to know how to use in modern activities then use a Use application/ Browser activity and pass url you want in property panel

Inside that once after clicking or going to new tab use one more USE APPLICATION/ BROSWER activity and Just indicate that new tab as a element so it will be able to access the elements inside that mew tab

It’s more like attach browser only when you just indicate here screen as a element

Cheers @Mystical_Devices

I have a few questions, Thank you in advance for your replies!

  1. how to maximize the browser inside classic “open browser”
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You got an activity called MAXIMIZE window

Use Attach window activity and inside the container click on the"Indicate window on screen" and here select your IE/Chrome whole window, which has the output variable as windows type ,give some variable name (X) in the property section.
step2: inside the “do” container use the “Maximize activity” and pass the window variable(X) as the input.

Cheers @Mystical_Devices

Please explain me how can i achieve this?

In use application browser activity you can see indicate element option
Click that and select that new tab as a region of element


i cant see" indicate element"

@Palaniyappan :slight_smile: i am trying to do the following:
i want to perform activities on multiple tabs which are not there to begin with.

  1. i make a Browser/application activity, indicate URL, and on th webpage, i press a button on the webpage(using Click activity) which takes me to another tab, however using the modern "Browser/application " activity instead of the remaining activities being carried out on the new tab, the browser automatically takes me to the original tab, instead of the new tab, where activites have to be performed,

Please provide a solution: where i can carry my work onto the new tab created.

sorry if i have confused you- i hope you have understood my situation.

Here you can find this option

As said earlier keep first use application browser activity and just pass the url in property panel
Don’t indicate any screen as a element

And inside that use application browser activity use one more use application browser activity where click on the indicate button and select that new browser tab as a element


inside the 2nd Browser/application activity, when i press Indicate element on screen,
it only allows me to choose the entire browser, it does not allow me to select the tab! (just like a click activity allows u to select indivudal items on screen)

How to fix this>?


Add idx attribute into the selector if it’s not there. If you are working on first tab then idx attribute value will be 1 and for second tab it is 2 and so on. Based on this attribute value we can identify corresponding tab elements.

i tried to select the new tab, and use get attribute activity,
but i cant find any idx option,
where can i find it?

you can see no idx elemetn here

TEST_2.xaml (10.8 KB)
Hello this is what i am trying to do :slight_smile: performing tasks on 2nd tab,
but i get error:
Application not supported by uiNode

Please help