How to match the regex pattern as mentioned in desc

Say I have Strings as below
Str1 = 2.04 28.82 40.00 58.79
Str2 = 1.5
Str3 = 1.00 199.81 210.00 9.00 9.00 199.81
Str4 = 9.00 9.00 199.81
Str5 = 2.55

Here by regex/ some other techniques, I need to retrieve only it has 3 or more than 3 amounts
It should retrieve only Srt1, Str3, Str4 and not Str2, Str5


Try like this.

      IF  yourStr.Split(" "c).count >= 3 

If the above condition succeed then it contains contains more than equal 3 amounts else not there.

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Hello @vigneshnkv
You can use the above simple and great solution by @lakshman
but if you want to do that problem using regex then try this pattern


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Thank you

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