Can uipath regex pattern read like multiple information?

Hi all, I am trying to retrieve information like this:

  1. Describe me in two words.
  2. Describe me as a person.;
  3. This is OCBC bank, I would like to know more about shares.
    (After this blah blah blah)
    So I need a regex that can read 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. but there are times where they can be only up to 3 points and not 5points and I need it to limit to only end the search at the last one, is there any way to do this? The information may consisit of commas etc in between. I tried using this (\d.\D*)+ but it does not work! :frowning_face:


(^\d+\.).* This pattern will matches only the string which starts with a numeric character and . dot. Hope this helps your condition.

Hi @ranjith thanks for the reply! But in the entire word document I have other numeric character and dot as well, is there any way to limit the search of the pattern? :smiley:


Do other occurrences starts with numeric character followed immediately by a dot at the beginning of the line ?

@ranjith Yes they do its a common like point format like 1. information 1
2. information 2 etc etc…

Ok then can you identify any constant words before and after the specific content where regex needed to be applied.

@ranjith u mean using lookback right? I did try but only a few documents don have the same ending specific content. But thats not the issue now, The issue now is that I can read the first 3 word documents information nicely, but the 4th document onwards it doesn;t read accordingly although its in the same format. I merely used D* which is suppose to read everything thats not a digit and i made it end before a specific word/content.

@ranjith an example:
Its in this format, the sentences may contain commas fullstop or at the end of sentences this ;

@ranjith so for the first 3 word document that works, I used this (?<! At the end of this module, students will be able to:)(\d.D*) +(?=Topics)

@ranjith there is a \ beside the .

@ranjith It might not always have 5points it might have 2 or 3 sometimes so I need a regex to output accordingly to how many I have for that specific word document :smile:


Can you please send me that document which not matching with regex.

@ranjith Hi, the data is inconvenient for sharing but i will share you blurred out screenshots okay? Sry!