How to make sure that last transaction completed by robot creates the report and sends that

hi I am working on a project where we have multi robot architecture i want to make sure that which ever robot is running the last transaction it should send an email adding the last status of transaction the in the report how to achieve that as I 1 transaction takes around 20 mints to complete.
How to make sure that the last transaction if processed by rob1 then it should send that or rob2 or rob3.
can someone help on this

Hi @mint ,
If you are using REFramework, then you can apply the logic to get the queue status by identifying the last queue.


  1. REF by default it will check is there any record to do the transaction
  2. if there is no transaction then in end state check for Queue status with the record “InProgress”.
  3. if there is any queue state with “InProgress” then one of you bot is still running.
  4. if there is no queue state with “InProgress” then all the transactions are completed
  5. Then you can apply logic to pull all the transaction records and send one email.

Let me know if you have any questions.