How to make some columns in a row as empty

I want to make some columns in a data table as blank and write it to excel.When i assign nothing to that columns, value 0 is arising. I need blank instead of 0.

In this excel sheet instead of zero I need empty space…

how to make it?


Can you try assigning it to String.empty and see if that helps.

row(“yourColumnName”)= String.Empty
row(“yourColumnName”) = ""

type of that column is integer. So when I assign with string.Empty or “” .Then its showing error of invalid datatype

No its not working. Beacuse My column datatype is integer and showing error like :
Assign: Input string was not in a correct format.

Can you try:

If String.IsNullOrEmpty
Then Block
Skip that column (Basically do nothing to that column) and move to the next
Else block
Add the column value


“Allow Null” while adding new column.