How to assign empty String in datatable?

Hello experts!

I have build data table using BUILD DATA TABALE activity], and set a condition where it assign some value in BuildDataTable as row and if condition is not matched, it should assign emptyString in BuildDataTable as row.

NOTE: Please refer to picture for more clarification


Hi @Prabin_Chand ,
For empty String you can use “”

You don’t need (nor want) Build Datatable here. The Read Range builds it for you. Your Build Datatable will then overwrite what Read Range did and you’ll have an empty datatable again.

I suspect what you want is Add Data Column instead of Build Data Table.

So you Read Range, then Add Data Column (and set the default value to “”) and then your loop. Only if the value matches do you then fill in the value for the column. If it doesn’t match just don’t do anything, as the column already has “” as the value.

@Prabin_Chand While creating column just check the allow null value check box in buil datatable activity

The datatable will accept the null value for that column

Hi @Prabin_Chand,

Before you can add a row, you must have added a row.

dt.Rows.Add(0)(0) = “”

You can also use the add data row activity.


yes i tried but not working as wanted.

program does assign empty value in row but loop is iterating from beginning which value is already checked.