How to make process repeat but for next record in application?

Hello, I have built a functioning process that works inside RDP. The process basically opens a record search area, picks the first record, does a couple clicks to export something. I need the process to then repeat BUT for the next record below in the application. If this is not feasible or more complicated, I also have an excel sheet with account#s if that makes it easier then moving the mouse down one line to find the next account inside the application in RDP.

Hi Dan,

You can repeat the steps using loops (While, For) or by checking it with condition (if)
In order to achieve this firstly, you need to pull the transaction items in to a virtual table and then for each row of the table you can repeat the steps by keeping it in - For each Row.

You can also, check for the transaction in the queue and based on whether the item exist or not you can conitnue your process or stop it (This can be achieved in Workflow)


Thank you Vikas but having trouble figuring out exactly how to do what you mean. I am a new UiPath user and have only used the Citrix recording thus far. Can you link a video or some detailed instructions on how to access these things you are referencing?

Hi Dan,

Below is the link where you will get Video Tutorials, User guides, Examples and knowledge base.

You can also find tutorials on Youtube under UiPath Channel.

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Vikas Jain

Hello Dan_McDermott

If you already have the XAML done,

I would suggest you to use the activity for each row,

  1. You need to set up a read range activity, withing an excel scope activity, this way you can read all the data from the excel, at this point you have to create a variable for the data you have read.

  2. Create a variable for the data you just read on the activity properties, the section output. (The easiest way to create a variable is to use “Ctrl + K”)

  3. You need to insert the mentioned for each row activity,

  4. You need to indicate the the data table (the variable you created for the read range activity)

  5. Inside the for each row activity you need to put the flowchart you have created with your automation.

*Note that you will need change the name of the item you are looking for. here is a XAML file to point you in the right direction. (8.2 KB)

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Hii, I am new to UiPath.
How to click rows one by one in uipath.

Through Data scraping i am scrapping this table.
What i need:
open the first row , cancel it.
And then click the second row and so on.
Please help…

Hi @Priya250

Please consider doing our Academy courses to learn our tool :slight_smile:

For the particular assignment, I would also advise you to read other topics that were focused on similar things:

Hi @Priya250,

can you please provide us the selector for two lines, but you know what will be better if you open a new thread and if you want you can tag me in and I will be more than happy to help you .