How to make flow decision


I have a workflow, I need to check the output of the workflow and make a decision to do further. If the workflow completes incorrectly I need to do some other tasks. How is it make possible?


There are two things which could happen when a workflow is invoked. 1) throw an exception or 2) return a result.

  1. for an exception, this should be handled outside the Invoke with a Try/Catch. The Catch will Log the failure and either end process, continue to next item, or retry the same item again depending on what the exception was.

  2. to return a result (in other words, no exceptions were thrown), you need an OUT argument on that Workflow. Then, in the Invoke, Edit Arguments and place a variable to which to store that out. This could be like out_InvoiceFound for when your search failed to find the desired invoice in the application or maybe it could be something else. This OUT argument will allow you to make a decision.

After the invoke, you can place an IF or Decision activity and create a condition with that OUT argument. If it is a boolean type, you can simply just use the variable, like invFound for example. The condition will depend on what was returned by the workflow.

I hope I was clear on that explanation.


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