How to make click text activity more specific

This might be a stupid question, but I need the robot to open some files. So for these files there are, for example, filename.txt and filename_old.txt
Because there are a number of files and I need it to click based on a list in an excel file, I use click on text, but the robot would often times click on the filename_old file.
Is there a way to make this not happen and make it choose the text more specifically?

Hello @Shadrina_Izzati,

It’s good question. If the screenshot it is there and it will more helpful to assist you. Anyway I’ll tell what i understand.

First of all, Read the that Excel File and get the Datatable. In the for For Each Row activity put use the Start Process activity and set the WorkingDirectory property as Path of the current working directory + your File name value from get row item.

So you can open all the files you want one by one😎.

Let me know if it is not working.

Michael Udhaya

Hi thanks for the reply. I’m sorry I can’t really give a screenshot because of certain confidentiality reasons, but I will try to explain as much as I can.
So in the current flow I have I am already using the read excel file and the for each row activity. But I can’t set the path for the file’s directory because technically it’s not in my local server but I open it through another program and access it remotely.
To give a better picture of the flow, here’s what my robot does:

  1. Opens certain program
  2. Reads excel file containing a list of filename
  3. For each row, double click on filename
  4. Once file is opened, file is is saved and closed
  5. Repeats step 3 and 4 for next row until rows is finished.

The flow works fine except that it often clicks on the filename_old files instead of just filename files.
I hope that gives a better picture

@Shadrina_Izzati, Fine.

Then simply follow my above steps and use the Click Text activity instead of Start Process.

So you can dynamically open the files you want.
Set the the click as Double Click.

Michael Udhaya