Not able to select a particular file name(which is taken dynamically from excel) and click it on the webpage. Select item doesnt work

Not able to select a particular file name (which is taken dynamically from excel) and click it on the web page. "Select item " doesn’t work


Plz provide some more information regarding your problem

I have a site from which I need to download couple of excel reports into my local system. The names of these reports are prior mentioned in the excel by the customer. Now the problem is to select that particular file from the excel and search it in the web page is creating problem. Click text, OCR click nothing is working on the webpage. OCR click is working in IE but the customer wants chrome and OCR click isn’t working in chrome for me. Is there any other alternative where I can select my report name dynamically at run time and download it form web page ??

First use citrix recording and use click image activity select the part where the links for downloading file will be displayed on the web page.

Change the ocr engine to microsoft then refresh to get all the text from selected test whether the click works or not copy paste a link text into search text input box and click test click.Then the click text activy gets performed then u would get to know that the click text activity works fine.

Then read the excel file and place a for each row method below for the rows read from the excel file.put the citrix rec activity performed above into the foreach row activity and replace the input for the click ocr text activity with the text that u desire to click