How to loop through IEnumerable<Object>

Hi everyone.

I’m using the “Read Row” to read a row with text fields from a excel file, and I want to loop through this values in order to do some operations (remove blank spaces, etc). However, the Output of “Read Row” is a IEnumerable and I’m not seeing how I can loop through this.

Any suggestions?


did we try using for each loop?

I can use the For Each Loop, but when I’m trying to see the values of the fields, their all like “System.Object”, even when I convert it to string

are you changing the argument type in for each loop from object to string?
if yes then dont do let it be Object and try
and let me know if it’s working!

ReadRow.xaml (5.8 KB)
check this just pass your excel path in there

Thanks for the tip, but now I have another problem.
My files are .xlsb and the “Read Row” only works for .xls and .xlsx

you can convert!