Need to convert System.Data.DataRow to System.Collections.IEnumerable

I have the row and want to loop through each item inside of it; I was thinking of using a For Each activity to loop but it doesn’t accept DataRow directly it has to be in IEnumerable format, so I need to convert the DataRow object to an IEnumerable object.

Hi @michaelamay0 ,

Have you tried like this in foreach

in that case we are using row.ItemArray and let for each typeArgument: Object
So we will iterate over all column values

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Hi @ermanoj3101 yes, if you check on your end by making the dr object type data.row it will create an error message as the For Each only take IEnumerable object to iterate through; data.row is not a IEnumerable.

Worked like a charm thx!

ohh, is it?

Let me check.

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