How do I convert the IEnumerable to DataTable


I want to convert the the IEnumerable to Datatable or string or any similar type. Please guide me.

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If it is IEnumerable object , Make use of For each activity. Then you will get each object as string

But my task is to do the transpose of a excel document. Like I want to convert rows into columns and vice versa. So basically what I did was to read the row from the excel and store in the variable to get section of first row. then second, third etc. And then clear the excel sheet.

Finally wrote the range such that use the readed sections as rows.
In that way the columns are converted into rows.

But problem is the the section of the datatable (first row) stores it in the variable IEnumerable. ANd while writing the rang ein the final step I need the variable to be in datatable type.

Plz guide me fro the same

Can you please share the workflow? It may help!!

@Akhil Never mind. I have got a different problem in by bucket list.

Actually I need to read a particular fields from the pdf formatted pdf and store in the corresponding file name.

For example, I am having pdf formatted INVOICE file.
I need to get the invoice number, invoice date, total amount etc.

How do I select and store that in the excel file. Supose if I want to do this for 10 similar invoice files.

Please forget about the previous problem and focus on this one,
It will be of great help .

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This might help you!
Main.xaml (12.9 KB)

If not please approach!



Thank you very much. But I was wondering if this approach works with the multiple invoices??? and all dynamically, without opening the pfd file??

Also I didnt get what exactly is happening in this workflow. Can you please elaborate for better understanding??

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1st thing - Is your invoice of similar type or different.?
And about the workflow , This will scrape the relative element of Invoice Number!..
2nd thing - If you did’t understand how i did it, I’ll explain that!

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