How to loop each item from the table

Hi all,
I have a table name Passenger where I have a column name Id_Number.
In the Id_number column, I have given 10 ids. so reading this id from this column and putting in an application. can anyone help how can I do this? Please help.
Generally, How to loop this. I want to picup this id number one by one and use into the type into activity.

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-Use for each row loop and pass the datable as input
-inside the loop use type into activity pass the value as
Row(“column name”).tostring or
Row(“column index”). tostring
(Here Row is for each row variable name…you can even keepyour name as u like)

Hope this would help you


I am interacting with the oracle database bro, Is sql and oracle db query same.

Yah you can use execute query activity with which u can access any db servers…
The output would be in datatable type
You can use this activity buddy

Is it fine what you said bro.

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In Type Into activity, write like this:


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Buddy You can either use column name like Row(“column name”).tostring
Row(columnindex). tostring


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Okay, Thanks bro :slight_smile:

Directly from data table you can list like this if your select query return single row.