For each / for each row

i need to write specific data from row one by one

what can i use FOR EACH??
How should i write in TYPE INTO ACTIVITY
that- item.specificcontent(‘data’).tostring
or row.??? what???
suggest me

You are looping the data from excel right?

Use for each row to loop through the datatable and to get the value of particular row, use as

row(“column name”).tostring which will give you the value of that column in every row so that you can use type into activity providing the above text.

For each is used to iterate through the ienumerables, arrays or lists

you can loop data table also with for each. but you need to give it as table.rows

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Yes you are right @HareeshMR

but it takes countinuos data from that whole column i selected.
i want data from that column one by one

Bit confusing @Jay_manapure

But you can get that using for each row right?

it will give you the values in the column one by one


It is not taking one by one that’s problem

You mean you want to go through particular row column

Can you explain the scenario and how you are trying to do that? @Jay_manapure


Use get row item inside the for each row and get the value of particular column

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Hey Jay, I think the last part of the demo where the values are shown and typed in a message box using For each row, might help you. Please check this demo