How to convert get Queue item Output into string

anyone have soln

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The use of Get Queue Item activity will return all the items in the queue with the specific status selected in the property as an Enumerable variable.

What you can do is, You can use this variable in a For Each activity.
Next, in the properties of the For Each activity, set the argument type as QueueItem. You can select the type by browsing more data types and selecting it from there.

Now, inside the For Each activity, you can use a assign activity and assign the value to a string variable using the below command.

String value = item.SpecificContent(“Identifier used in the queue for the value”).ToString

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what does the .SpecificContent stand in for, this is very confusing

SpecificContent is a property of transaction item. Values are stored in queue as dictionary datatype in the form of key value pair.

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oh thank you @aanandsanraj