How to learn SQL fast

I belong to fashion field and want to learn SQL. What is the right way and easy to understand method of SQL for UiPath?

Hi @taruna.mehra,

SQL is a language in itself. It is easy to start learning but like any other programming language, very hard to master. My advice is to avoid having a goal that you want to learn it fast. Slow and steady wins the race.

For starters you should definitely sit down with your own instance (any of them) SQL / MySQL / PostgresSQL / Maria DB / Influx DB / Timescale / Oracle Database / SQL Lite / ElasticSearch / MongoDB

See why I meant don’t learn it quick. Each of these here are a beast it their own use-case / domain and have slightly different SQL language syntax. Some are relational database (most of what you see in UiPath forum) and others are Time-Series database (used in time series) and some others are NoSQL (extremely flexible and high performance).

I advise you to start with relational databases. Two free and useful resources (in order) to start are. ​

Sit with the tutors and do exactly what they do while watching, you will slowly start finishing their queries yourself. As I said earlier, it is very easy to start, but do practice a lot. Hands-on experiences improve cognition faster and help retain knowledge longer.

Integration with Uipath is not a challenge at all, you can learn this in about an hour. There are activities already built which take values from your database instance.

The main challenge is learning SQL in my opinion. But remember, this challenge will be worthwhile because the techniques you learn during this process is going to make you also confident in shifting jobs to “Data Engineer / Analyst” later when RPA focus in companies dulls down, which it will. Data handling skills will always be a vital skill in any IT role.

I wish you good luck with your learning.


Hi @taruna.mehra,

my go to website for beginners is : SQL Tutorial (

Gives good examples and context around what SQL is.

In terms of using it with UiPath - there is no real difference but you need to understand the basics first.

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