How to know the input field is empty before key in

I want to key in data from excel to SAP but first to check if the input field is empty or not
Could u help me with that

Hi @marwan992,

You can do this:

  1. Use Get Text activity to extract the text from the field. (assuming strInput gets the output of the activity)
  2. Use If activity to check if it is empty or not. String.IsNullOrEmpty(strInput)

There you go :slight_smile:


Yes but the problem still here because after clicking of for previous record the interface changed the position so the bot lost the interface, is there any suggestion

Can you send a screenshot? :slight_smile:

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i want the bot to fill the package name whenever the app goes, is it possible ?

Hmm. So you want to enter package names to all input fields that are empty?


yes this is what i want

So what happens here is if you click previous record, there would be two windows. Right or nah? :slight_smile:


when record is saved it should be closed and re open for the next record but the robot immediately open another window and get this conflict and i tried delay method but in vain same problem

I think this one does not work on your current issue because it always return false since there is TS- in the other window. Hmm