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I want to make my robot take the next steps only if the field in the browser is empty. If something is entered in this field, it will move on to the next task.

How can I do this? Please give me a detailed explanation.

Thank You :slight_smile:

Hi @sullivanne

Can you elaborate the query with screenshots if possible.


Use “get text activity” and pass variable to it as outputText
.after that put if condition and check if the outputText is empty or not.
If empty use then block to proceed further

Thank you. I added the “get text” activity, retrieved the value from the field but I don’t know what to enter in the condition. Sorry, I’m a beginner.

Put like this
Yourvariable.ToString.Trim IsNullorEmpty.

Post updated please chek and let me know and don’t forget to mark it as a solution


You could use Wait Attribute activity too.

Find the attribute which holds the text, use same in the above activity and wait for text or empty value and do your actions.



Hi @sullivanne

Please find attached workflow. If it solves the problem, then please mark it as a solution.

Test.zip (5.2 KB)

I’m working on StudioX

Try this one

Please remove space between is and Null

thank you very much for your help, but I think I’m doing it wrong

@sullivanne please check you place a space between Is and Null

@sullivanne wait I am making it right

Write exact

don’t put any space

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Thank you very much! It work!


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