How to keep the same formating after replacing placeholder in CRM

Hi @ClaytonM @balupad14 @Florent_Salendres
while doing email automation in CRM
While sending email after selecting correct template i have certain placeholders which needs to be replaced.
Problem is after replacing placeholders i am not getting the same format as i was getting while selecting template

here are the steps i have done

  1. Pick the template and update the mail body in CRM (During this time format is correct means colourful lines, bold letters, images etc.)

  2. Copy the entire content to clipboard and store in a variable

  3. Perform string operations like replacing the placeholders

  4. Paste back the updated variable contents using hotkey in the mail body ( this time all the formating is being removed and normal text like notepad contents are being generated.)

Any possible reason
Do we have any alternate solution.

Hi @Vikram212,
You could image the “variable” in your description is like Notepad. It can also keep only plain text without any formatting. So by copying the template to Notepad and back you will also loose the formatting.

Most likely you will need to “rebuild” the the formatting using formatting tools of CRM toolbar.


Thanks @J0ska
template has image,text and bold letters
so, eventhough if i copy to notepad or word, replace placeholders and then paste the content back to crm still i am getting plain text as output

CRM toolbar doesnt have formatting tools or insert image option as far as i remember.


If you can not copy/paste the template including formatting from CRM into eg. Word and back manually then you can’t achieve this via robot and this has IMHO no solution.


when i copy to word its not formatted.
i can see the same contents as in CRM - like bold letters,images and color lines
but problem is when i copy from word to CRM then i m getting an issue

So you need to edit directly in CRM. My only idea how to solve this: Stepping word by word the template in CRM, when the word is an substitute then replace it by typeinto activity.

Good luck!

Thats a tricky part
i m not understanding how to do that when there are so many placeholders (approx. 15-19) to replace

also replace activity is also not working

The challenge is not the number of placeholders but the way how to navigate between them in the CRM app. But I am afraid nobody here could help with this without detailed knowledge of the automated app and access to it.