Does anybody know good way to replace text with format in one Excel cell?

Hi all expert,

Does anybody now something good way to replace text with keeping text format in one cell, the text to be replaced has multiple text format like below capture.

inputSample.xlsx (9.1 KB)

Does anybody know good idea to achieve this ?

Thanks in advance,

Copy and Paste Special [Values & Source Formatting] will work -

Hi @KarthikByggari

Thanks for your reply but I think you might be misunderstanding my question, it might not be clear enough.

I would like to change Template text to “would like to” text with not changing Template format…
I tried Excel replace text but it will be changed to “After text replaced” that format has been changed,

I think your solution doesn’t work for this case, isn’t it?

Okay. Got it. Let me check!

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Unfortunately, there is no direct way to replace the text with format.
But with the macros (VBA code) we can achieve the replacing with preserving format.

Karthik Byggari


Thanks for your confirmation, I have the same understanding with you so I would like to know something good way to achieve this if somebody know… You know Macro is good tool but it make lower maintainability UiPath logic…