How to enter a text while sending an email via CRM

Used get text activity to obtain the info from CRM field but I would like to know how to enter them in an email composed through CRM?

For example if CRM field X=5, I should enter this 5 in an email in the same CRM while composing an email

if you use outlook on your computer, it is simpler.

With the get text activity, you get the value and write it to a string variable.

Then use the activity
Send Outlook Mail Message, in the body field you inform the name of the variable.

Yes you can send via assigning the value to variable and use that variable in body field . if u explain me bit more or send me screenshots i can help u with that


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If you are composing mail inside the CRM can you provide with screenshots for better understanding

Usually you can use Get Text activity to get the number and store in Variable, that variable you can use in your Email


Hi thanks for the reply. Am able to get the field values from CRM but not able to paste them in an email composed via CRM.

Email will look like this:
Pfb the details for the request to be Done:
Ip details-
Order number-
Account Name-

Other field values are automatically fetched except ip details. Please help me in pasting the details that I have got using get text activity.

And I don’t use outlook. Like I said already it is composed via CRM communications. Other fields are automatically fetched using email template designed but one manual field alone needs to be copied and used in an email.