How to keep replies in Mail activity as unread

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I need to read mails using get Mail activity and send some mails to clients if the body contain Specific keywords

after sending some manage to reply so i need to keep those replies as unread without unreading how can i do that

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Hi @Tharusha_Fernando ,
Refer below post


hi @arivu96

when we read the Reply Email their is a "Re: " i want to not to get those mails and get others is their a filter not to get those mail which having the subject “Re:*****”

Sender=[“Viral Movies” ********],
Subject=“Re: This is a test”,

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You can achieve this by following way.

  1. read email with get mail activity
  2. use for each loop to iterate each email → for example forloop mail in mails
    3)inside loop get mail body by this command
    assign emailBodyStringVariable=mail.body
    4)after validating email body → use reply to outlook mail message activity ->for reply
    5)last step you can do it in many ways
    a)in the reply to outlook mail activity add your name as well so that you will also receive reply email as unread
    b) 2nd way is create folder below inbox or anywere in the outlook and create outlook rule that reply will go to that specific folder.

Hope this will work

@ghazanfar hi

i want to keep the replies as unread

Thank you

yeah then simple create folder in outlook for replies so that emails do not mix up. it will remain unread.

if you want to read these reply the → when you use get outlook email activity then uncheck the property mark as read.

After creating folder, manually setup outlook rule for that specific folder that replies go to that folder.

That’s a Great idea Thanks
can we do the same on Gmail

yes we can create rules on gmail.

@ghazanfar Dose you know the filter or that option

here you can find filters .

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