How to Make eMail Unread Again


I’m creating a robot that needs to marks some eMails as unread once they were moved to a custom folder on Outlook with the inbox folder as origin.

I saw somewhere on the forum a mention to this: mailMessageObject.UnRead = false

However, I was not able to make this work with the above line. Does anybody ever faced some similar feature and knows about other alternative or can confirm that such UnRead property works?

Thanks in advance.

Uncheck the mark as read option while using the get outlook messages activity @samureira and then move the message to required

As you are moving it to custom folder, then the above should work. Are you getting any error

@HareeshMR, thanks for your feedback. However, as I said, I need to make them unread, meaning they are already read (or unread) when they arrived from the Inbox folder. All I care is about their status on the custom folder and on that folder, they all need to be unread.