How to join datatable which has exactly the same column name

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Good day.

I have one excel file which has the same column name but is in different sheet.

Excel name: DO monitoring sheet
Sheet name: Apr & May
Datable: Apr (DT1), May (DT2)

i use read range activity, to get DT1 (Apr) , DT2 (May), use join datatable , and write range (CombineDT)

But it wont show as using the same header, it will show Delivery Date_1

Can anyone help on this?



Can you try Merge DataTable activity?


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I think you dont mean “join”, but you want to “merge”.

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You can use Join Data Tables activity… you can scan this docs as below,


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Dear all,

Thanks for the suggestion.

ya i use the merge datatable activity and now able to combine to get one final datatable.

Thanks a lot

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